Discovering Ikigai: A Pathway to Fulfillment for Young Aspiring Artists

By Micah Pil  I   Sept 1, 2023

As a passionate artist, I've always been on a quest to find that perfect balance between my dreams and reality. The journey has often been challenging, filled with doubts, and punctuated by moments of self-discovery. Recently, I stumbled upon a concept that has not only reshaped my approach to art but also provided me with a profound sense of purpose and direction. It's called "Ikigai," and today, I want to share how it can be a guiding light for young aspiring artists like me.

What is Ikigai?

Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that doesn't have a direct English translation. However, it can be understood as "the reason for being" or "the thing that makes life worth living." This multifaceted concept can be broken down into four interconnected elements:

Now, let's explore how Ikigai can help young artists like me find our place in the world of art.

Discovering Your Passion:

Passion is the heart of Ikigai. It's what drives us to create art and explore our creative potential. For young artists, the journey begins with self-discovery. Try different art forms, experiment with various mediums, and delve into various genres. The key is to find what truly ignites your creative spirit. Once you identify your passion, your art will naturally flourish, as it becomes an expression of your innermost self.

Honing Your Vocation:

Vocation refers to your skill and ability in your chosen art form. This element of Ikigai reminds us that art is not just about passion; it's also about honing our craft. Dedicate time to practice and learn. Embrace both the highs and lows of the creative process, for they are the stepping stones toward mastery. Remember, becoming a skilled artist is a continuous journey.

Finding Your Profession:

Turning your passion into a profession can be daunting, but it's a crucial step. The world needs art, and your unique perspective can contribute to its beauty and meaning. Start by sharing your work online, participating in local exhibitions, or offering your services. Networking with fellow artists and art communities can also help you gain exposure and find opportunities to monetize your art.

Defining Your Mission:

Your mission in art is about more than just creating visually appealing pieces. It's about what message you want to convey, what impact you want to make, and how you want to contribute to society. Take some time to reflect on your values and the themes that resonate with you. Your art can be a powerful medium for social commentary, personal healing, or promoting change.

The Intersection of Ikigai:

The true essence of Ikigai lies at the intersection of these four elements. When you create art that you're passionate about, that showcases your skills, that fulfills a need in the world, and that aligns with your mission, you'll find yourself in a state of flow. It's where time seems to stand still, and your art becomes a seamless extension of who you are.

In conclusion, discovering your Ikigai as a young aspiring artist can be a transformative journey. It's about finding that sweet spot where your passion, skills, contribution to society, and personal mission converge. By exploring these four elements, you'll not only create meaningful art but also lead a fulfilling life as an artist. Embrace the process, be patient with yourself, and let Ikigai guide you toward a life of purpose, creativity, and joy in your art.

This video about IKIGAI from THE FUTUR was the spark that ignited my entrepreneurial spirit, driving me to launch my company with passion and determination.

By Micah Pil  I   Sept 1, 2023

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