Ikigai Animation Studio is a Japanese-Filipino owned creative agency that offers industry-standard multimedia services from creative projects to corporate needs. Ikigai is a Japanese term which translates to "a reason for being" and this is the fuel behind our core team's our passion. 

A marketing firm that provides assistance in executing the missions of partnered projects in different industries. Providing essential market coverage to leading channels with a vision to cut through the noise and guarantee growth by integrating modern and effective strategies. Our digital marketing services include consulting and management options for a variety of online marketing tactics including Social Media Management, Community Management and Multimedia production. 

Founded in 2020 with more than 50+ projects handled and with 50+ employees working both office-base and remote. 



Founded by Micah Pil on January 20, 2021, in Sto. Tomas Davao Del Norte, Philippines. A one-man (woman) training and production design firm that evolves into a well founded partnership with people from various specializations.

Bryan Achacoso - Spearheaded the evolution of the company.

John Lebosada - Provided the blueprint & pen from the start.

Just Figuration III - Created a fortress out of a small hut.

People behind the scenes that supported from the beginning

Celia Achacoso - Momo Hirayama - Karissa Bayanay


Established with the goal to be a guild where creatives can grow and where clients can secure quality services.

2020 Q4 - Conceptualization and preparations. Freelance.

2021 Q1 - Legally registered company in the Philippines.

2021 Q2 - Building partnership & network. Academe & Industry.

2021 Q3 - Expansion. Second branch in Davao City.

▪2021 Q4 - Development. New playground to explore.

▪2022 Q1 - Restructuring. Evolving after one whole year of prod.

▪2022 Q2 - Credibility & Network. Acknowledged & recognized.

▪2022 Q3 - Present. Continuous mastery...


Ikigai Studio have two office branches located in Davao City & Sto. Tomas Davao Del Norte, PH.

Both office can house 70 seats in total ready for production. Ikigai also have remote-based agents provided with their own computers and equipment.

Facilities and equipment:

60 Standard computers for production

10 High Spec computers for specialize production

10 Animation Light Desk

▪10 Wacom Pen Tablet

Production Cameras and lights 

24/7 Productions for your operations requirements

Providing First-rate Partnerships since 2020